Google Summer of Code 2008

GRML wants to take part in the Google Summer of Code 2008 and with this page we are collecting ideas for our proposal. If you have a great idea for a project not on this list please put it in here. We would appreciate if you could provide contact details so we can contact you if we have any further questions.

  • Support for PPC [added by formorer]:
    • implement support in grml-live
    • make grml-tools/-scripts/… ppc-capable
  • Create an API for live CD building based on grml-live [added by mika]:
    • provide a stable backend as a library for use in a console, GUI, autobuild,… interface
    • work on grml-live's todos
    • work on better integration of FAI
    • make framework robust to network errors, full disk, failures in chroot setups,…
  • Live-CD Persistency [added by mika]:
    • extend possibilities of save-config/restore-config
    • support snapshot functionality
    • simplified usage of GRMLCFG, persistent home
    • provide root persistence (based on idea of live-snapshot)
  • Build server for building packages automatically [added by formorer]
  • Create a live CD of your running system [added by jimmy]
  • Port the net-installers from various Distributions to grml [grulli]
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