live-initramfs) some bootoptions might not work as expected or changed its behaviour. The grml team is working on merging outstanding features. If you think you found a bootoption that does not work as expected/documented please report it.

executing grml-terminalserver fails

  • Executing “grml-terminalserver” fails when trying to build the initrd with “install: cannot stat `/live/image/boot/isolinux/linux26': No such file or directory”
    • Solution: update grml-terminalserver package running: 'au; agi grml-terminalserver'
    • Workaround if you do not have network access when working with grml-ISO just download default_config, put it on a writeable device (usb stick, floppy,…) and store it as /usr/share/grml-terminalserver/default_config on the booted grml system
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