Issues regarding grml 1.0

You found a bug in grml 1.0 not yet mentioned on this page? Please report it via! (Please don't forget to add your name and mailadress so we contact you if we have further questions.) The grml-team will add bug-reports (plus their possible fixes) to this page then. Please do not add bug reports without contact information on this page, thanks.

Some general problems

some PCMCIA WLAN cards don't work out of the box

  • Deprecated pcmcia-cs was removed starting with grml 0.6. pcmcia­utils is state-of-the-art and also used at grml. Some kernel drivers (like for example PCMCIA WLAN cards) are not autoloaded by default anymore now. They should work anyway by loading the module manually. Run for example 'hwinfo –netcard' to figure out which network module has to be loaded. (Some more information regarding the device is available via for example 'udevinfo -a -p /sys/class/net/eth0/'). [mika]

rt2x00 modules

  • To avoid conflicts with the other rt2x00-drivers the package rt2x00 (which includes beta-version drivers) is not installed by default. If you want to use the kernel modules rt2400pci, rt2500pci, rt2500usb, rt61pci and/or rt73usb please install the package manually running 'dpkg -i /usr/src/rt2*.deb'. [mika]

locales for nl_BE missing

  • The locales for nl_BE (used by lang=be|be-utf8|bed|bed-utf8) aren't shipped with grml. Fixed in grml-etc 1.0.5. Manual workaround: run “dpkg-reconfigure locales” and activate nl_BE. [Bugreport by Jan-Pieter Jacobs, fix and solution by mika]

wmii's action keys using 'jkhl' do not work

  • The wmii package is broken upstream, see #423521 for more details. [Bugreport to the grml-team by Jan-Pieter Jacobs]

Dialog's timeout is broken

  • –timeout option of dialog does not work in version 1.1-20070409-2. Usage example: 'dialog –timeout 1 –msgbox “foobar” 0 0”'. See #418905 for details. Fix: upgrade dialog to version dialog >=1.1-20070514-1.
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