Using grml for bios updating

Common update procedures

  1. Download the bios files for DOS.
  2. Use actual GRML (>1.1), for older GRML versions take look below.
  3. Install grml to usb (with grml2usb).
  4. Update the FreeDOS image of GRML with the needed bios files.
  5. Boot off the usb stick with bootimage dos.

Update FreeDOS image

  1. Boot your GRML off usb
  2. cd /live/image and search for balder10.imz
  3. unpack it with
    # gunzip <balder10.imz >balder10.img
  1. Mount it to add the bios files you need
    # mount -o loop balder10.img /mnt/test
  1. copy your needed bios files into /mnt/test
  2. Clean up
    # umount /mnt/test
    # gzip <balder10.img >balder10.imz
  1. maybe test your created image with
    # qemu -fda balder10.img

Update FreeDOS image for GRML <1.1

GRML older than 1.1 does not provide enough space on the FreeDOS image to just copy the bios files over there.

You need to create a 2880 superfloppy based FreeDOS image. Use this to create a superfloppy based FreeDOS image and use the description above if you need help to install the bios files onto the new image.

  1. Boot your GRML off usb into X as you will need qemu
  2. cd /live/image and search for balder10.imz
   # gunzip <balder10.imz >balder10.img
  1. create your new image
   # dd if=/dev/zero of=big.img bs=1024 count=2880
  1. Equip your new image with FreeDOS
   # qemu -fda balder10.img -fdb big.img
     > format b:
     > sys b:
     > xcopy /E /N a: b:

Create a standalone FreeDOS on usb

If everything else does not work, your last resort is a stand alone FreeDos, either on a floppy or on usb.

If your bios files are >1.2MB you should choose the usb ;).

  1. Boot GRML into X (qemu)
  2. Look above on how to get the uncompressed balder10.img
  3. Insert your usbstick (i'll assume it to be /dev/external)
  4. Boot FreeDOS
   # qemu -boot a -fda balder10.img -hda /dev/external
Depending on your stick (bootable, allready formated)
  • fdisk c:
  • format c:
  • sys c:

Download the bios files for DOS

Example for Intel 965

  • Download the IB bios files for DOS (also called integrators files for older bios versions)
  • unzip the .exe file you downloaded (it's an archive)
  • For newer biose you get a few files beside an SW.EXE
  • unzip SW.EXE and copy it's contents to your bootable FreeDOS.
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