grml @ 22C3

If you found a bug or noticed a problem with the 22c3 grml release please let us know. Just add it on this page (please leave your email address so we can contact you for further investigations) or contact us. Any feedback welcome. Thank your for helping us!

Known issues for the 22C3-release of grml

  • udev does not work reliable for sound-devices (see udev.png as example)
    • workaround if running aumix/alsamixer fails: run 'hwinfo –sound' and load the appropriate module manually
    • see #345101 [notice by mika]
  • Oops with module yenta_socket on IBM Thinkpad 600X and Xircom PCMCIA card [notice by Jens]
  • kernel (2.6.14-grml) does not include reiser4 patch (grml2hd with reiser4 is not available therefor) [notice by mika]
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