Issues regarding grml-small 0.3

You found a bug in grml-small 0.3 not yet mentioned on this page? Please report it via! (Please don't forget to add your name and mailadress so we contact you if we have further questions.) The grml-team will add bug-reports (plus their possible fixes) to this page then. Please do not add bug reports without contact information on this page, thanks.

Some general problems


  • installation on software raid devices does not work as the /dev/md* devices are not listed in the partition selection dialog due to use of fdisk instead of /proc/partitions (reported by Gregor Perner), please upgrade to grml2hd >=0.9.2 which fixes the issue. [mika]


  • running rebuildfstab (which happens automatically by default during booting sequence) creates tmp-files in /tmp/ which aren't removed automatically anymore then (unless you reboot of course). It is just a cosmetic problem but if you want to fix it just upgrade to grml-rebuildfstab >=0.3-20. [mika]
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