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 +====== Grml and bluetooth ======
 +===== bluetooth hid (mouse) =====
 +Take a look at the script 'bt-hid'. Run 'bt-hid start' as user root and follow the instructions to connect a bluetooth human input device (hid) [e.g. a mouse] to your local system.
 +===== bluetooth audio device (headset) =====
 +bt-audio tries to connect your headset to the computer. Press the connect-button on your bluetooth device and run 'bt-audio start' as user root. To test whether the connection works run 'bt-audio test', you should hear a short sound sequence then.
 +===== bluetooth network (NAP) =====
 +The package grml-btnet provides grml-btnets (setup a bluetooth network access point (NAP]) and grml-btnetc (program to join a bluetooth network). Take a look at the EXAMPLES section of the manpages grml-btnetc and grml-btnets for instructions how to set up a network over bluetooth.
 +===== Links =====
 +   * [[http://www.holtmann.org/linux/bluetooth/|Bluetooth and Linux]]
 +   * bluetooth as low-power wlan (pan) [[http://bluez.sourceforge.net/contrib/HOWTO-PAN|HOWTO-PAN]]
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