Issues regarding grml 0.6

You found a bug in grml 0.6 not yet mentioned on this page or in the grml bug tracking system? Please report it! (Please don't forget to add your name and mailadress so we contact you if we have further questions.)


  • Due to problems with losetup on unionfs it is not possible to create a loop device with files on the live-cd _EXCEPT_ if the file is in /home/grml, /tmp or /ramdisk. [mika]
  • Notice: this is not a grml specific problem. See INSTALL file in unionfs sources: “If you want to use losetup, then you need to define -DSUPPORT_BROKEN_LOSETUP. You will be able to use it read-only, but when you try to use it read-write, you will get an Oops. This should eventually be fixed when we have our own address-space operations (so that we can support sendfile).”

isolinux fails with 'Could not find kernel image: grml'

  • Your BIOS seems to be broken. Try to boot with 'linux26'. If this still does not work try to boot via btmgr. [Notice taken from problems-webpage] [mika]

GRMLCFG does not work with floppy disk

  • bootoption autoconfig, activated by default and part of the grml config framework, does not work with floppy disks. floppy disks with label GRMLCFG can't be located by blkid anymore, so aren't used. Workaround: use another medium like harddisk partition. Issue has been forwarded to BTS (#20) as well. [mika, issue reported by toolmaker]

some PCMCIA WLAN cards don't work

  • As mentioned in the changelog pcmcia­utils replace pcmcia-cs. Some kernel drivers (like for example PCMCIA WLAN cards) are not autoloaded by default. They should work anyway by loading the module manually. Run 'hwinfo –netcard' to figure out which module has to be loaded. (Some more information regarding the device is available via 'udevinfo -a -p /sys/class/net/eth0/'). [mika]

bootoption 'forensic' does not ignore RAID devices

  • Partitions of type 0xfd are scanned and automatically assembled into RAID arrays by the kernel. The forensic bootoption does not take care of this yet, please boot using 'forensic raid=noautodetect' therefor.

linux-wlan-ng drivers do not work

  • The provided linux-wlan-ng drivers have problems with resolving kernel symbols (“p80211: Unknown symbol hotplug_path”). Updated and fixed drivers are available through the grml-repository. Run 'apt-get update ; apt-get install linux-wlan-ng-modules-2.6.15-grml' to install them. [issue reported by Steffen Liebergeld, notice by mika]
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