Issues regarding grml64-medium 2009.05

You found a bug in grml64-medium 2009.05 not yet mentioned on this page? Please report it via! (Please don't forget to add your name and mailadress so we contact you if we have further questions.) The grml-team will add bug reports (plus their possible fixes) to this page then. Please do not add bug reports without contact information on this page, thanks.

Some general problems

Booting with Qemu does not work

  • When booting grml inside qemu does not work please try booting with 'grml noapic', if that still fails try booting with 'failsafe'.

DNS does not work when booting via PXE

  • When booting via PXE the /etc/resolv.conf is not set up accordingly due to use of resolvconf. Reported and bugfix by Andreas Thienemann. Solution for users:
    • The netboot packages include the fix already.
    • If you don't use the provided netboot packages just execute 'au ; agi live-initramfs' before starting grml-terminalserver.

Poweroff doesn't work when booting via PXE

  • When booting via PXE and using 'poweroff' the system isn't powered off issue677. Reported and bugfix by Andreas Thienemann. Fixed with upload of grml-etc 1.1.16.

Bootoption grml64-medium2ram of grml2usb does not work

  • When selecting the 'grml64-medium2ram' bootoption it fails with: “Target Filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init. /init: line 233: 6: Bad file descriptor”. Bug reported by Wernfried Haas and Frank Prochnow (issue680). Fixed with grml2usb 0.9.7. Fix:
    • either upgrade to grml2usb 0.9.7, or
    • use 'grml toram=grml64-medium.squashfs' on the bootprompt

Dillo is unavailable but referenced in menu of Fluxbox and Pekwm

  • The menus of flubox and pekwm list the unavailable browser named Dillo (issue681). Dillo was replaced with xlinks2. Bug reported by Frank Prochnow. Fix: manually invoke xlinks2 instead of dillo (for example via invoking from x-terminal).
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