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 +====== Quotes about grml ======
 +===== English =====
 +==== Unsorted ====
 +  I wouldn’t know where to start but in a nutshell the distro grml is by far
 +  the best unknown distro in Linux and it’s not even a secret. Fluxbox is one
 +  of the built-in window managers and the grml customized copy is awesome!
 +  grml 0.9 is an absolute linux hacker’s delight. I download and play with
 +  literally dozens of distributions just for grins and have had more fun
 +  with grml than any other. Some of you might want to take a look at
 +  http://grml.org.
 +==== IRC-quotes ====
 +15:52 < ukh> you guys rock!  for the first time in many years I managed to lock myself out of a box.
 +             this one with the root filesystem on LVM on top of software RAID.  grml saved the day so
 +             fast I just gotta join #grml and say thanks... :-)
 +===== German =====
 +==== IRC-quotes ====
 +  <Longkong> Ich war zwar bisher immer ein Gegner von solchen Live-CDs auf HD installieren...
 +  Aber grml hat so schöne defaults..
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