Goal: provide a presentation framework for easy use of lessig presentation style using a Dual-Head setup on Linux based on LaTeX-Beamer.


Flexible text placement


  • Par1: horizontal position; could be one of:
    1. c(enter) - default if not given at all
    2. l(eft)
    3. r(ight)
  • Par2: vertical position; could be one of:
    1. t(op)
    2. m(iddle) - default if not given at all
    3. b(ottom)
  • Par3: Text/Paragraph/Content which is part of the slide
  • Par4: Text/Paragraph/Content which is part of the notes

FIXXME: Alternatively: combine Par1 and Par2 to a two-character parameter like cm (center/middle), lt (left/top), and so forth. (only nine combinations possible)

Flexible background graphics

In general: every graphic content will be placed independent from the text at a “deeper” level. Therefore no text will be hidden behind any graphic.

FIXXME: The graphics-commands of this section are related to the previous|following \ktText-statement



  • Par1 and Par2: same as above with \ktText
  • width and height as described in the graphics-package


When using \ktBackground, the graphics will be expanded to fill the screen with following options:

  • Par1: could be one of:
    1. c(ut): if the proportions of the graphics are not the same of the screen slide, the graphic gets resized until one dimension (height or width) is maximised. The rest will be filled with the current background color.
    2. f(ill|ull): the whole slide background will be filled with the graphic and everything that exceeds the slide, get cut.

Handout notes


Things that are written in those tags appear only on handout documents that are compiled in a seperate (pdf)latex-run (FIXXME: how?).


Wishlist / Todo

  • Extend mikas LaTeX/-beamer templates to provide nice templates for slides
  • Cleanup and generalisation of scripts
  • Fix 'x/y' numbers in notes.pdf
  • Improve/provide different font styles

⇒ put all of the above in a framework and publish it as KeyTex :)

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