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Current issues

  • unify syntax: 'for … ; do …' vs. 'for … \n do …'…
  • bootoption debug → no support within live-initramfs yet (even though the manpage states it)
  • scripts/live modifies stdout/stderr and no output reaches the terminal → improve it at least for the case when debug bootoption is being used
  • Make sure that “Warning: Not enough free memory (991404k > 1651944k) to copy live media in ram.” for bootoption toram works via copying only the squashfs module
  • while waiting for the root-fs it tries to mount other block devices: 'mount: Mounting /dev/sda1 on /live/image failed: No such device' → try to disable this behaviour
  • make sure the forensic bootoption mode is possible


Environment variables when booting local with toram bootoption:

live-media = media
livefs_root = /live/image
mountpoint = /live/image
live_dest = ram
image_directory = /live/image/live
image_string = /live/image/live/grml.squashfs
image = /live/image/live/grml.squashfs
imagename = grml.squashfs
MODULE = filesystem
directory = /live/image
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