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 +===== Google Summer of Code 2008 =====
 +[[http://grml.org/|GRML]] wants to take part in the [[http://code.google.com/soc/2008/|Google Summer of Code 2008]] and with this page we are collecting ideas for our proposal. If you have a great idea for a project not on this list please put it in here. We would appreciate if you could provide contact details so we can contact you if we have any further questions.
 +  * Support for PPC [added by formorer]:
 +    * implement support in grml-live
 +    * make grml-tools/-scripts/... ppc-capable
 +  * Create an API for live CD building based on grml-live [added by mika]:
 +    * provide a stable backend as a library for use in a console, GUI, autobuild,... interface
 +    * work on [[grml-live]]'s todos
 +    * work on better integration of FAI
 +    * make framework robust to network errors, full disk, failures in chroot setups,...
 +  * Live-CD Persistency [added by mika]:
 +    * extend possibilities of save-config/restore-config
 +    * support snapshot functionality
 +    * simplified usage of GRMLCFG, persistent home
 +    * provide root persistence (based on idea of live-snapshot)
 +  * Build server for building packages automatically [added by formorer]
 +  * Create a live CD of your running system [added by jimmy]
 +  * Port the net-installers from various Distributions to grml [grulli]
 +    * http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/releng/installer/
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