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 +====== Issues regarding Grml 2010.12 ======
 +You found a bug in [[http://grml.org/|Grml 2010.12]] not yet mentioned on this page? [[http://grml.org/bugs/|Please report it via grml.org/bugs/!]] (Please don't forget to add your name and mail address so we contact you if we have further questions.) The Grml team will add bug reports (plus their possible fixes) to this page then. Please do not add bug reports without contact information on //this// page, thanks.
 +===== Some general problems =====
 +  * Take a look at the [[problems|problems webpage in the grml-wiki]] and [[http://grml.org/changelogs/README-grml-2010.12/|the release notes]].
 +===== Release specific problems =====
 +  * No known issues so far.
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