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 +====== grml64 ======
 +This page is about the 64bit version of grml (based on the Debian amd64 port), also known as grml64, grml64-medium and grml64-small.
 +===== Software known to be not (yet) part of grml64 =====
 +Excluding lib* and grml-kernel specific packages:
 +3ware-3dm2-binary aesutil asleap athcool atitvout base64 bsign btsco cmospwd 
 +cpp-2.95 cpuburn-in-binary ctapi-cyberjack ctris dd-rhelp ded deletemail dired 
 +dupseek dynamic-disk ext3rminator fdflush firescope fnfx-client fnfxd ftpbackup
 +fvwm-crystal-minimal gateguardian gifshuffle gkrellm-x86info glipper-nognome
 +grml-ddcxinfo histring hwtools hydra i810switch i855crt icmp-mtu icmp-quench
 +icmp-reset ipxripd irpas lkl mknbi nictools-nopci ppmd prosilla pspax pstack
 +ptfinder read-edid replicator retty rootsh s3switch salvage-ntfs sbm scsi-idle
 +shadowfs shish shmux sjog speechd-up spicctrl sudosh thc-ipv6 thinkpad-base
 +tlswrap tpctl trapdoor2 xsteg
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