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 +====== Issues regarding grml-medium 2010.04 ======
 +You found a bug in [[http://grml.org/|grml-medium 2010.04]] not yet mentioned on this page? [[http://grml.org/bugs/|Please report it via grml.org/bugs/!]] (Please don't forget to add your name and mailadress so we contact you if we have further questions.) The grml-team will add bug reports (plus their possible fixes) to this page then. Please do not add bug reports without contact information on //this// page, thanks.
 +===== Some general problems =====
 +  * Take a look at the [[problems|problems webpage in the grml-wiki]] and [[http://grml.org/changelogs/README-grml-2010.04/|the release notes]].
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