Bug Squashing Party

This page is intended to be used to coordinate the work at Bug Squashing Parties (BSP) of the grml team. A Bug Squashing Party is a come-together of grml developers and grml enthusiasts on a specified timeframe where these persons try to fix as many bugs as possible. Also see BSP@debian-wiki.


Upcoming events


Notice: date not fixed yet, using ‘XXX’ as placeholder for now instead.

  • Takes place on thursday, 2009-XX-XX - starting at 02:00p.m. with open end
  • Everyone is welcome to join!
  • Coordination takes place via IRC - #grmldev on freenode
  • Starting with XXX open bugreports.


  • XXX


  • Just join IRC channel #grmldev on freenode and check out the following roadmap.
  • Announce the issue you're working on if possible so there aren't any collisions.
  • Any questions? Just ask on IRC!


  • Dig through the grml bug tracking system:
    • Which bugs can be closed (due to being outdated, won't fix,…)?
    • Which bugs need special attention? Tag them with 'release-stopper'-tag!
    • Which packages need to be updated, being pushed to Debian, packaged,..? See bugs with priority 'packages'
    • Make sure any bug is assigned to a person. I've you're interested to work any issue just grab it!
    • Make sure there aren't any bugs older than 4 weeks without any further updates/information/….
  • Testing:
    • Grab daily snapshots and check out what's broken
    • Play with live-snapshot/persistent root feature, debs/script[s]/… bootoptions
  • Audit grml-packages (what needs to be updated, any cool new features,…?) - especially:
    • grml-etc: fix dpkg-divert issue when removing the package, which configs should be updated?
    • grml-etc-core: audit vimrc, screenrc,…
    • grml-scripts: which scripts are deprecated / out-dated / suck?
  • Documentation:
    • Walk through the grml-wiki and check for outdated information
    • What's missing in our docs? What would you like to see?
    • Work on gebi's autodoc
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