This page is not grml-specific. It's just a place for collecting documentation regarding backups. So, what do we want to have? A backup system with the following features:

Must have features

  • automatism (no manual interaction needed)
  • easy to handle (no obscure and 'use trick 17b to get foo' software lacking documentation)
  • simple restore (fast and easy to use)
  • filesystem independent (do not depend on XFS, ext3,… specifics)
  • efficient diskusage (do not require 100% of original data for each backup)

Nice to have features

  • versioning system (now let's get file foo of backup of 24th of december)
  • support for LVM (lvm-snapshot)
  • network support OOTB (move backup via sftp/ssh/… to another server)
  • supports encryption OOTB (so we do not have to write our own gpg-wrapper around it)
  • Debian package already available in >=Etch (get security support and have it on other boxes as well)

Present Debian Packages

  • afbackup - Client-Server Backup System (Server side)
  • afio - archive file manipulation program
  • amanda-server - Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Server)
  • backup2l - low-maintenance backup/restore tool for mountable media
  • backup-manager - command-line backup tool
  • backupninja - lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
  • backuppc - high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up PCs
  • bacula - Network backup, recovery and verification (Meta-package)
  • chiark-backup - backup system for small systems and networks
  • dar - Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files
  • dcfldd - enhanced dd with md5 checksums
  • dd - convert and copy a file
  • dirvish - Filesystem based backup system using rsync
  • duplicity - encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup
  • faubackup - Backup System using a Filesystem for Storage
  • flexbackup - Flexible backup tool for small to medium sized installations
  • ftpbackup - backup to/restore from ftp server
  • hdup - Filesystem duplicator and backup
  • ibackup - Automated backups (even remote) of machine configurations
  • mirrordir - duplicate a directory by making a minimal set of changes
  • mrb - Manage incremental data snapshots with make/rsync
  • multicd - Backup your data to CD-R/CD-RW
  • openafs-fileserver - AFS distributed filesystem file server
  • partimage-server - server to use partimage across a network
  • pdumpfs - a daily backup system similar to Plan9's dumpfs
  • rdiff - Binary diff tool for signature-based differences
  • rdiff-backup - remote incremental backup
  • rsnapshot - local and remote filesystem snapshot utility
  • rsync - fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
  • simba - next generation mirroring tool
  • storebackup - fancy compressing managing checksumming hard-linking cp -rua
  • tar - GNU tar
  • tob - Small yet powerful program for tape oriented backups
  • unison - A file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows
  • zsplit - zsplit - will read big devices or files and make compressed splitted image chunks of it

No Debian Packages available yet

  • reoback: simple to set up, and easy to use backup system

Comparison of Tools

Tool efficient Storage/Diskusage Bandwidth Encryption Compression Bitkeep-Secure add. Notes
duplicity + + symmetric and asymetric + unknown -
- - - - - - -
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