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 +====== grml @ 22C3 ======
 +If you found a bug or noticed a problem with the 22c3 grml release please let us know. Just add it on this page (please leave your email address so we can contact you for further investigations) or [[http://grml.org/contact/|contact us]]. [[http://grml.org/contact/|Any feedback welcome]]. Thank your for helping us!
 +===== Known issues for the 22C3-release of grml =====
 +  * udev does not work reliable for sound-devices (see [[http://grml.org/tmp/udev.png|udev.png]] as example)
 +     * workaround if running aumix/alsamixer fails: run 'hwinfo --sound' and load the appropriate module manually
 +     * see [[http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=345101|#345101]] [notice by [[http://grml.org/team/|mika]]]
 +  * Oops with module yenta_socket on IBM Thinkpad 600X and Xircom PCMCIA card [notice by Jens]
 +  * kernel (2.6.14-grml) does not include reiser4 patch (grml2hd with reiser4 is not available therefor) [notice by [[http://grml.org/team/|mika]]]
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